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Zhongshan Ruimingxing Lighting Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 92, Chang’an North Road, Maohui Industrial Zone, Henglan Town, Zhongshan


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New product:LED T8 Glass Tube,Beam Angle is 330°

After research and development in 2012 to the half of 2014,test with domestic and foreign customers, our company specializes in manufacture of Man Long brand 330 ° beam angle LED glass tube. on technology research and development, strengthening of LED heat dissipation, packaging, brightness transmission,technology of products, quality control and other means; choice of materials, combinated with high-end packaging industry and drive power companies powerful , creating new products. With high quality, long lifetime, cost and other products more in line with consumer psychology, and promised warranty period of 2 years! To create a safe operating conditions for businesses!

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