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How to make marketing efficient for chain development of lighting?



With the rapid economic development , good market prospects of China's lighting , home lighting industry will be a real shift from the light source lighting era era . With the rapid growth of the LED lighting industry , many lighting companies have entered the field of LED lighting . High-tech , high investment, and the trend of the times LED lighting market , LED lighting market if the blind investment , the consequences will be very serious.
Although the lighting industry after years of development , has already formed a professional logistics system system , and a modern e-commerce platform . For most lighting companies, build lighting brands , expansion of market size, the current lighting industry has become an inevitable form of rapid development. Brand awareness is ultimately dependent on the accumulation of long-term business growth . From a practical point of view in-depth consumer , the consumer was the source of power is accumulated .
Experts said the modern energy-saving lighting products considered fashionable at the same time , more consideration should be clean lighting , security issues. Features from the media point of view, TV ads are often effective, but often fleeting. Instead, the network gradually along with the people , popular, web promotion to become the primary means of small cost , diversified marketing. With the gradual improvement of the lighting industry market, the ultimate showdown competition in the market or product and marketing . Products to meet the market trend to become the center of business development. Of course, home lighting , " the era of big fight ," active marketing , are often able to guide and promote the consumer market .
Since last year , the lighting business through national investment, attracting hundreds of lamps on investors to join the long-term through television advertising, network promotion adhere to build brand image for the realization of the brand on the rise. However, the lighting industry , lighting industry giants numerous celebrity endorsements , sports sponsorship and television advertising , outdoor advertising , etc. plane , so the lighting industry surging, small advertising often " go down the drain ." In recent years, Guangdong Zhongshan ( town, cross bar , sun, Jiangmen ) , Foshan , Huizhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan City Lighting Factory , lighting, electrical manufacturers , stores, shops, promote active development of the entire Southern Lighting market . Survey shows that in 2010 , Zhongshan City, modern lighting industry cluster to achieve more than 65 billion yuan output value , the proportion of the city's total industrial output value of nearly 15% , with lighting and supporting more than 9300 companies , including leading enterprises 32 ; employing about 158,000 people .
For many lighting companies, how to effectively develop new markets, increase sales , has not only need to address the service, product architecture and so on . Low-cost, efficient marketing , in order to keep the brand competitive advantage . With the rise of the secondary and tertiary markets , counties , lighting chains spread quickly , at the same time , the overall lighting intensified.

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