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Do you understand? Lighting design for small houses



For lighting design , in addition to lighting the lights themselves , but also with an area about the size of the space . It simply, a large space fit in lamps, in a small space , so better results , it does not show . Therefore, this article analyzes the following situations. We want a little help.
A bedroom house typically includes one bedroom and a single bedroom both cases, the use of the area is relatively small , so we can proceed from the following fixtures :
1 . The use of the whole lighting and local lighting.
Since the actual area of ​​relatively small, so the use of the overall lighting is better, too much light will already produce a small space feel cluttered . If large room , you can divide the space , due to increase local lighting to increase the ups and downs of the room .
2 color lighting can make sense of space to expand or shrink to generate a sense . Generally speaking , belongs to the cool colors of fluorescent lamps have the effect of expanding the sense of space ; incandescent lamps are warm , make sense of space contraction . In addition, a large wattage light source , high brightness , also can produce expanded sense of space .
3 rational planning functional areas. Some people still prefer to use local lighting in the room above the desks placed a lamp , and then install the ceiling beneath the mosaic ceiling , so that the room light on the formation of two regions , one seating area , a learning area. Like the " broad " people , you can install the suspended ceiling or chandelier in the roof , allowing the room 's overall illumination light efficiency evenly. If the room is relatively large room size , can be divided into two regions around the room , before the area can be used as a study room , the lights should be bright and some recommended chandelier or ceiling ; rear area of the room can be used as a seating area , bed head before setting wall or nightstand placed a floor lamp on it.
For Bedroom house , using an area of ​​40 to 60 square feet of such small units , usually consisting of two rooms and more than 10 square composed of a living room . One bedroom lamp can be placed in a sleek, minimalist table lamp or a personality , and the other put an ornament , thus breaking the pattern of dull , showing you the unique aesthetic accomplishment . Also installed in the living room ceiling mosaic of care would be sufficient to meet the parlor area . Use the top of the table lamps warm , but also can make you appetizing.
Three bedroom area generally use relatively large . Lighting characteristics to meet the different regions changes , plasticity, high , relatively large changes . Satisfied with the taste and needs of different people .

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