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What does lamp-holder E27 MR16 GU10 mean?



Interface lampholder lamp commonly used three kinds , namely, E27, MR16, GU10.
MR16, E27, GU10 lamp holder refer to different specifications, call them spotlights also called Light Cup .
E27 refers to 27mm diameter threaded screw cap mouth , E14 is the thread diameter of 14mm threaded caps.
There are E40 and so on.
MR16 diameter = 16 × 1/8 = 2英寸≈ 50mm in shape , MR series is a fine stitch , MR16 low-voltage lights.
GU: G represents a plug-in lamp type , U represents a U -shaped lamp part , behind the numbers that light foot hole center distance ( in millimeters 'mm'). GU10 is two round pins , GU10 high pressure lamps.
Lampholder specifications of common sense : E27, E40, E14 ( taken from others )
From the installation is divided into bayonet , screw , etc., from the material into bakelite , plastic, metal , ceramic and other materials, such as E27 lamp holders usually are the most common energy saving lamp screw base , but with fluorescent often referred to T8 lamp holder lamp holder or T5 lamp holders , etc., depending on the environment and some other lamp holder protection level up to IP68, in the purchase as needed to develop appropriate IP protection level lampholder ( waterproof ) , usually lamp holder will use the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission standard ) safety certification.

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